Table of Contents

Texts' Distortions of Abstraction Ladders

The thesis of this paper is that current communication texts misrepresent Hayakawa's ladders of abstraction.

Keywords: Hayakawa, abstraction, general semantics, communication texts and coordination

Levels of Involvement

Paper presents a different way of defining quality of IPC.

Keywords: interpersonal communication, quality, involvement, interaction

Two Views on Motive Appeals:
Which should be unconventional?

Paper translates Aristotle's 3 proofs to 3 dimensions of meaning.

Keywords: Appeals, Toulmin, Warrant, Behavior Intention

Teaching Thinking: The Core Competency of Critical Listening

Paper introduced the Bridge Models of Reasoning.

Keywords: Abstract, Reasoning, Bridge Models

Failure Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Paper argues that failure is a normal part of all activities.

Keywords: failure, reality, goals, success

A Comprehensive Theory of Appeals

Paper identifies the target area for appeals, types appeals and provides models to illustrate how appeals are made in various speech situations.

Key Words: Motivation, Appeals, Abstraction, Reasoning, Behavioral Intention, Encapsulators.

A Bridge between Communication and Cognitive Theories

Companion paper with "A Theory of Appeals." Presented at the 2013 Central States Communication Association.

Key Words: Hayawaka, dimensions of meaning, appeals, behavioral intention, encapsulators

Positional Paper on Reasoning Terminology

Key Words: Induction, Deduction, Types of Reasoning, Speech-Communication Texts, Research Processes