Judith Blue


Identification and Discussion Questions

1. How did Mother Moon know when she saw Mrs. Blue approaching that she wanted to talk about her younger son, Billy?

(Billy had been a problem before, never the older son, Bob.

2. Why do you think Billy had always caused the problems and never Bob?

(Possible answers:

a. Older children often get more attention, thus more direction and guidance early than do younger children.

b. Bob was not known as Bobby; Billy wasn't called Bill. Sometimes nicknames affect or reflect behavior. Perhaps everyone expected Billy to be more child like. His mother seemed to have low expectations - "I knew it, I knew it."

c. Billy was musical. Perhaps his temperament prompted him to be more creative and thus less predictable.)

3. What had Billy asked for instead of money to attend college?

(money so that his band could tour)

4. Was money for the tour a fair trade? Does equal mean the same? Why?

5. What are conversational formalities?

6. Why do you think that Mrs. Blue opposed giving Billy the money?

7. Authorities recognize different types of listening like listening for information, listening to find problems in what the speaker is saying, etc. What aspect of listening is the focus of Mother Moon's advice?

(listening to provide emotional support)

8. What do you think Mrs. Blue did in that distant city?


How do you think that Mother Moon knew as Judith Blue approached that she wanted to talk about a problem she was having? (Probably Faith Moon noticed how Mrs. Blue walked with a purpose and had a worried look on her face. Probably Moon's experience and intuition helped)

Diverse Thinking

How does the picture on page 47 relate to this story?

Just for Today

Mother Moon asked Mrs. Blue if she wanted to be right or to help her son: Are there situations in your life where you have to do things that you'd prefer not to do but do them because of others? Make a list of any such situations and consider what factors you consider in such situations. What do the items on this list (or lack of items) tell you about yourself?