Teacher Suggestions for Sunspots

by Sara Adams, M.S. (Reading), W. Clifton Adams, PhD. (Communication)

© Copyright 2012 & 2007 by the authors

Materials may be copied without permission only to support instruction related to the teaching of SUNSPOTS.

Table of Contents

General Instructions

Read each story aloud to the students to increase listening skills.

As indicated for the story, ask the discussion questions associated with the particular story. Please note that suggestions as well as intended answers often follow the question. The arrangement is for visual consistency, but it's with the expectation that you will read over the questions before asking them in class.

"Idioms," "Inferences," "Creative Activities" and "Acts" are included for optional assignments. You might use them for discussion, further instructions or examples for the students to compile their own lists.

Questions under "Just for Today" are intended as challenges for the student to consider on her/his own. However, the questions might be good stimuli for personal journals.

The vocabulary words highlighted for the story can be used in a variety of ways depending on your time limitations and teaching style. You may supply the words in advance with or without definitions or save the list for after the story. The list may be the basis for games such as Hangman.

"Just for Today" and the vocabulary words are placed on a separate page so that you may copy them as you like.

"Diverse Thinking" is a section for classes where students have copies of SUNSPOTS. Each question therein asks the students to relate the photograph to the particular story. Each is, obviously, an optional question.

Faith Moon

help is provided for hardship


dealing with midcourse change

Mr. Thomas & Mr. O'Hare

quality will out

Mrs. Shue

nothing works if we don't


focus of others

Miss Hollywood

actions have consequences


make monuments of memories

Judith Blue

listen to emotions

Robert Blue

limit your guilt

Bob Blue

forgive others

Billy Blue

follow your dream


even driftwood have value


serve others to reach your goal


accept imperfections in others

John Spratt

be assertive in relationships

Grace Terra

life is yours to live

Jack and Jill

God's garden as a color array