China Series

stories from our working in China

Table of Contents

Leaving Home

The joy, the pain, the hopes

A Stop in Honolulu

Doing it our way

Lugging Our Lives to Beijing

Four bags we managed

Crossing the Ocean to Cross the Street

When you think you're safe, WATCH OUT

Available In Beijing : Austrian Butter to Chinese Jiaozi

In foods, the Chinese are capitalists

Even Drift Wood Has Value

We earn a meal by being on TV

The Boy on the Bridge - The Path Mistaken

We visit the zoo and the Hidden Palace

Needing to be "Showed"

We don't accept what everyone knows

The Value of a Compass

We're lost in a dark forest in China

Our Homecoming Tradition

The Chinese people made it special

Uncertainty In Moving

Every advancement has a cost

In the Quest for a Shoe String

There is much we don't understand

China's Educational System

It illustrates what to avoid

US Plane Down in China

Conditions changed

Additional stories will be added to this series as reader-demand justifies. If you have enjoyed the articles you found here, please write me and I'll write more about our adventures.