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Once on a modern time, Cindy's parents were killed in a tragic car accident. Cindy was fifteen at the time. She was sent back to town to live with her father's sister.

Cindy's parents left her a considerable trust, but she couldn't receive the money until she graduated from college. The fund guaranteed her education but otherwise gave control of the funds to Cindy's aunt.

Cindy's aunt was widowed with two teenaged daughters who were slightly older than Cindy. The aunt had an income provided by her late husband's insurance, but she did welcome the additional money provided by Cindy's estate.

It wasn't long before the aunt started thinking of this extra money as being hers. She saw no need to waste it on her niece, especially when her own needs and those of her daughters were so great. In all likelihood, Cindy wouldn't even go to college, she thought, especially if she wasn't encouraged to do so.

Over the next two years, the wardrobes of the daughters grew in splendor while Cindy's dwindled. Cindy's requests for new clothes were met with the dresses discarded by her cousins. Those dresses, she was able to alter down to her size; so, she contented herself. After all, they were older and needed more to make a good impression in society. And, the cousins were making every effort to impress their society.

Their latest efforts entailed the city's annual masquerade ball. They made the event sound so wonderful that Cindy began to dream about going herself. However, she knew, for her, it could only be a dream.

Then, one day when Cindy was home alone, a woman came to the door. Cindy told the woman that her aunt wasn't home, but the woman told her that it was she that the woman wanted to see. The woman told her she had been her mother's friend and that she was actually Cindy's God Mother. The woman's name was Faith Moon. She told Cindy:

It is my duty as God Mother to do things for you.

I bet that you want to attend the costume ball.

That is exactly what I am here to help you to do.

I've brought the dress I last wore to the ball.

And I have brought a golden mask for you.

To alter it to fit should be an easy task for you.

I have arranged for limited use of a limousine,

Now, after all the others leave, it'll come for you.

But, then, at twelve from the ball you will have to go.

These things were easily done just for you.

The hardest part is left to you.

Perhaps it will help you to follow this advice:

Let me a riddle now to you present.

What do we see as a reality

But it, indeed, is opposite of true?

The answer has a special meaning I give to you.

Most people think they are the center of the universe.

If you are wise, you won't be as they are.

A mirror is the answer to the riddle that I posed.

It will reverse all things it does reflect.

Left is right, right is left.

Make as the center of your world

Not the false image in the mirror you now see,

But make of it the person talking then with you

And know it will reflect most positively back on you.

By being wise, you will do better than a mirror can.

Wise people look beyond themselves.

Take now an interest in others to the ball.

Your wisdom will make you the fairest of them all!

So, Cindy went to the ball. She danced, had fun and listened to everyone including a tall dark stranger. It was almost midnight before he asked her to dance. He had been surrounded all evening with eligible women, in particular Cindy's cousins.

While they danced, Cindy learned that he had recently graduated law school and come to town to begin his practice. She shared Mother Moon's riddle with him.

She was enjoying dancing with him so much that she lost track of time. When the clock chimed she realized that the rental on the limousine soon would expire; so, she ran out the door.

The young handsome lawyer was surprised and disappointed at her sudden departure. He hadn't even asked her name. He had to know the identity of the woman in the golden mask. So, the next day, he placed an ad in the paper offering an award for the name of this lovely lass.

To his surprise, for days, his office was filled with women wearing that same golden mask. Who would have thought that the mask could so easily be bought? For alas, he thought none of the women were the one he sought. But, how could he be sure?

Then he remembered her riddle. He began asking each woman to pose the riddle for him. Everyone tried including the cousins. Even the aunt made her pitch. Finally, the three of them decided that they might as well let Cindy take a shot.

When she did, the young handsome lawyer titled her the Bell of the Ball and the Queen of His Heart. After that, he made sure that the aunt dealt with Cindy the way that her parents intended. By the time she graduated from college, his was the strongest law practices in the town, and they lived happily ever after.