This site contains only the content of the book. Photographs by A. Rhae Adams and drawings are only available in hardcopy.

Faith Moon

Once in a recent time, the man and the woman lived as one with themselves, with their animal friends and with nature. They had no need to toil because healthy food was easily within their reach as they frolicked among the rich vegetation with its beautiful flowers. They had no need for clothes because the climate was pleasant in their garden and they knew no shame.

Then, there came a time when an Evil One wandered by Earth and spied the man and the woman as they lounged peacefully by a babbling brook. The Evil One was agape.

"What is this that God has done?" The Evil One asked Himself. "This is definitely not proper! These creatures are modeled after God, but they know not the difference between good and evil. This can not be! I must help them to distinguish between right and wrong. Surely God gave them free will."

Of course, the Evil One was correct because near where the man and woman rested was the tree of Forbidden Fruit. The evil one had little difficulty convincing them that it was God's will that they should eat of this tree. He called it the Tree of Knowledge and told them that by eating thereof they would be one with God, like God.

As the Evil One knew, with the eating of the Forbidden Fruit, the paradise that the man and the woman had known, they knew no more. Henceforth, the Sun began continually to weep and the conditions on earth have been in constant flux ever since. Woman and Man have known struggle and strife.

However, when the Holy Essence saw what the Evil One had wrought, She said, "This is not correct! There must be balance. Where there is sorrow, some joy must emerge. Where there's suffering, there must be hope. Where there is ignorance, there must be sources of enlightenment. We must see that there are individuals who can provide insights to help people find that hope and feel that joy.

Faith Moon is one of those individuals.