This site contains only the content of the book. Photographs by A. Rhae Adams and drawings are only available in hardcopy.


Once on a modern time, George thought that he had it made. He had a lovely wife, two healthy and smart children who were almost out of college, a nice home that was almost paid for and a productive job that provided him security. He felt that he would live happily ever after.

Then, George's employer lost an established contract and George lost his job. George had many friends and was soon able to find another job; it just didn't pay as much money. George's wife had to convert from part time to full time so they could meet the children's tuition. So, George and his wife were able to spend less time together.

Indeed, George's new job was more demanding. It required of him frequent travel. He was unable to find time for any of the activities he had enjoyed over the years. Fairly quickly, he lost contact with his previous friends. Everything was changing so quickly and George did not like it.

He tried counting his blessings. At least he still had a job. He knew that there were people who could not find a job. Still, he was depressed. He became increasingly fearful of losing his current job. And, since he was no longer involved with his old friends, he couldn't count on them to help in finding yet another one.

On one of his business trips, he sat next to an ageless woman. He thought he was probably older than she was, but she projected an understanding gained from experiences exceeding his own. He learned her name was Faith Moon. Somehow the name fit her.

As they talked, he found himself telling her of his concerns, his cares. She seemed to understand. Eventually, she said:

Life is change. Change is life.

Accept the change occurring in your life,

And you can come to feel a higher rhythm.

Life's rhythm is not symmetrical.

It often does seem contradictory.

It's moving constantly in unpredictive ways.

The vee of the geese never is complete.

Some lone goose always struggles to move to the front,

While some lead goose anticipates being replaced.

Yet, from afar, the purpose served by their vee, we all see.

We generally cannot understand our purpose here.

Still, we may feel and move with nature's rhythm.

At times, this may require a focus on our acts not on our goal.

When George departed the plane, he resolved to focus more on what he was doing and to worry less about the future. He saw both of his children graduate from college before he received a promotion. Yet, in the meantime, somehow he managed to find more time to spend with his wife and felt more in harmony with her once the children had left.