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Grace Terra

Once on a modern time, a few individuals noticed that Faith Moon wasn't well. However, it was only when Faith stopped attending worship services that most people noticed.

Soon thereafter, word spread across the town that she was seriously ill. Her daughter, Grace, had come to town to be with her mother. She was admitted to the hospital. Mr. Thomas, the neighborhood grocer, who was financially well to do, offered to sponsor a trip for Mother Moon to see the best specialist available. Mother Moon, it was rumored, graciously refused his offer.

Then, Mother Moon was moved from the hospital to her home, the local doctors having done all for her that they could. A vigil of neighbors helped Grace to see to her mother's needs.

Several days passed before word went out beckoning people to come to the worship house. Grace had a statement from her mother. The house was filled to overflowing.

Everyone could hear her mother's calm tones in Grace's voice. After thanking everyone for coming, she read the following statement from her mother:

Don't weep for me, those whom I love

And who for me have often shared your love.

Love, for life's capstone, is the best.

That is why I'm now ready to rest.

Life has been good to me.

I have not traveled far

Nor published anything.

My light, still, hasn't been in a jar.

God has been good to me.

The God whom we do see,

In nature, calls to me.

Sad you should not be.

In nature's life plan overall

Death is a necessary thing

Even as the decay of fall

Provides the beauty come the spring.

As a seed planter after a brush fire

I always tried to live my life.

Please honor me in all your memories

By taking those seeds into your lives.

Don't weep too long for me.

Don't pity yourself at my loss.

And, don't be mad at me once I am dead.

Take hope in knowing others you can help.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of your life.

Life is for you to live.

Please go live it!

Grace arranged the affairs of her mother's estate. Faith Moon did not own much. What possessions she had were parceled out to members of the community. Everyone who received an item felt special. Faith's house sold quickly and Grace returned to her family.

Grace never returned. However, everyone remembered her and they strove to live their lives as Faith had requested.

The people enjoyed the community garden that Faith had helped to start. Indeed, in what many called a miracle, in an area of the garden that had been most troublesome, the next Easter a lily bloomed.

So, many in the town believed that the spirit of Mother Moon still watched over them and they tended their garden happily ever after.