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Jack And Jill

Once on a modern time, Jack and Jill went off to war. Except for the war, they would have never fallen in love. They had never even spoken to each other in all their years living in the same town. They had much in common, factors that lead each to join the Guard. However, beyond their gender, there was one major difference between them: One had creamy dark skin, the other's was rosy pale.

The war brought them together and simplified their relationship, but they knew their relationship would be impossible back home. Jack's father would turn over in his grave if he knew Jack was even being friendly to Jill. Jill's father might not even open their front door for Jack.

Jack and Jill avoided discussing the future. Staying alive occupied most of their time; they treasured their moments together. Yet, the time came when they were forced to discuss the return home.

Jack's mother rejoiced when she read the letter confirming that his unit was returning home. Her joy was dampened, however, as she continued to read. She could not believe her eyes. How could he be engaged to Jill? How would he deal with his old friends? How would he cope? How would she?

She needed to talk with someone she could trust. She thought of a friend from church, an old woman everyone called Sister Terra.

Grace Terra listened to Jack's mother and Sister Terra clearly understood. When Jack's mother finished, the kindly woman said:

Love always does provide pure pleasure to the just

But it must sometimes bring real pain.

Love needs acceptance by the ones we value.

When they do not support our love, it hurts that love.

It can be for the best, but often it's not,

Like Romeo and Juliet.

A love between two souls can bring them bliss,

But still the love requires a nourishment

Provided by acceptance in our garden of society.

Consider gardens you have seen on earth.

How beautiful they are in colors all array!

Why do you want the garden that is God's to be so different?

Jack's mother wasn't sure that she understood all that she heard, but her soul knew. It had known all along how much she loved her son.

When Jack received his mother's letter, he was pleased. Her acceptance of Jill would make a difference. It did, but you know that for Jack and Jill to live happily ever after they needed the support of so many other people.