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Once on a modern time, there lived a man named Joe. Joe was a good person. He prayed daily. His were prayers full of concern for others. Indeed, his hopes were primarily for the welfare of others.

When Joe did consider his personal desires, his principal thoughts were to marry a good woman and to raise a religious family. Joe conducted his personal life in a way as to be worthy of such a good woman.

When Joe first saw Mary, he saw the perfection of her body, and he decided that Mary was too attractive and, indeed, too popular for him. She was surrounded often by men.

However, when Mary spoke with Joe, and he looked into her eyes, his heart filled with hope. As he listened to her, he believed that her perfection was more than physical.

Over time, Joe found more opportunities to discuss life's issues with Mary. The more discussions they had, the more Joe realized that he loved Mary and began to hope that Mary loved him.

In time, Joe found the courage to tell Mary something of the depths of his feelings for her. To his surprise and to his disappointment, she said, "Joe, as much as I've longed to hear those words, you must forget those feelings and forget me."

Joe steeled himself enough to ask why, but Mary shook her head and began to cry. Joe took her into his arms and he heard through her sobs, "Joe, I'm with child."

Joe did not know what to say. When Mary pulled back and ran away, Joe allowed her to flee.

Joe needed to talk to someone. One person he respected greatly was Mother Moon. Faith Moon listened to Joe and Joe felt better. When Joe finished, the kindly old woman said:

Ask not perfection from another soul

For you can not find it within yourself.

If you wait for a perfect one

Then either disappointment or distortion waits for you.

You must accept the imperfection that you find in her

Before you can accept it in yourself.

Thus is the heart of humanity.

The red male hawk will soar the skies

But the old buzzard soars still higher and stays longer in the clouds.

Yet, the old buzzard never will enjoy

The diet nor display the colors of sir hawk.

We all have our own strengths

And our own weaknesses.

Accept your faults and help others

To find their strengths.

Therein we find our happiness.

Joe left knowing what he needed to do. Mary and Joe were soon married. That spring they had a lovely baby son.