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Judith Blue

Once on a modern time, Faith Moon knew, when she saw Judith Blue approaching, that she wanted to talk about her younger son, Billy. Judith's older son, Bob, now in his third year at the university, had never been any problem. Billy had.

Mrs. Blue rushed to get through the conventional formalities and to Billy's problems. Billy had formed a band during his last year in high school. The band had early success in the area that year and the band decided to take it on the road. Billy had requested cash in lieu of financial support for his college education.

Judith Blue had vigorously opposed the idea, but her husband, Robert, said that Billy wasn't a little boy anymore. So, Billy, with his horn and his parent's cash, went off in search of fame and fortune.

As Mrs. Blue has learned, members of the band soon fell into disagreements and each went his separate way. Billy's funds permitted him to seek independent gigs only for so long. Now Billy was playing for contributions on street corners in a distant city. His situation, there, sounded grim.

Judith said, "I knew it would come to this! I knew it, I knew it!"

Faith Moon replied:

Now, do you want to be right or to help your son?

Your husband's call was right in letting him decide.

Your children aren't your children as the poet says.

You can't make key decisions for your children once they are mature.

You can only help them make the choices that are most right for them.

You can't prevent their walking the wrong path.

When they fail, you can only help them to learn from their mistakes.

Now you must be the calm, still pond

Reflecting the old weeping willow tree.

Do listen to your child as the deep pond

Reflects emotions of the tree.

And listen like the same pond hears

The plaintive coo of the deserted dove.

For only then can you help your child to see his route home.

You know you have provided him your love and values.

Have faith that those will enable him to find the right way.

As she was on the way to that distant city, Mrs. Blue thought how much Mother Moon represented a model of the pond she described.

Soon thereafter, Billy returned home to ask for his parent's forgiveness. They met him at the bus station with open arms. That weekend, the Blues threw a feast to celebrate Billy's return home.