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Miss Hollywood

Once on a modern time, there was a high school drama teacher so aptly named Miss Hollywood. Miss Hollywood had never actually been to Hollywood, not even to California, but many people, especially her students, thought she had. The way in which she continually referenced behaviors of famous actors, usually calling them by their first names, easily justified this misconception.

The misconception among her students contributed to Miss Hollywood's popularity. However, there were other factors that drew students to her. She had a degree of natural beauty and considerable ability to enhance her natural features.

So, Miss Hollywood was a favorite among the students. And, although she wouldn't admit it, perhaps even to herself, Miss Hollywood had favorites also. Among them was a Lilly Lochs, a bubbly student with flowing golden hair.

Miss Hollywood told herself that the reason she liked Lilly so much was that she had real talent for the stage. However, the talents that attracted Miss Hollywood's attention were those that set Lilly apart from the other students. Lilly loved to call attention to herself by misbehaving.

Miss Hollywood set out to help Lilly by improving her self esteem. Miss Hollywood had entered her teaching career with the firm belief that the center of all discipline problems was a lack of self esteem. Therefore, she went about setting up experiences where she could reward Lilly at every opportunity.

Contrary to Miss Hollywood's belief that she was improving Lilly's behavior by increasing her confidence in herself, Lilly was caught in the act of burglarizing the Bier's country estate. The Biers were not at home at the time, but their silent alarm alerted the police. They arrested Lochs.

Miss Hollywood was incensed that Lilly was arrested over what was basically a prank. She decided to mount a campaign in Lilly's behalf. She quickly found that she could not muster support for her campaign among her fellow teachers.

She, then, looked for another source of help. She remembered hearing about a woman named Faith Moon. Moon had a reputation for helping the helpless and so forth. So, Miss Hollywood took her case to Mother Moon.

Faith listened to Miss Hollywood's presentation and then replied:

I am reminded of two killdeer guarding their small nest.

They make a ruckus even when there is no harm about.

The act of Lilly Lochs was not a prank

Official action needs now to be taken and will be.

She needs to learn that breaking laws has consequences.

Her actions in the past may have been to get seen.

No doubt she wants attention even when it's bad.

She does need to be taught how to gain attention in positive ways.

Rewards need to be based on

Substantive acts, not sinecures.

For ultimately good esteem for self comes from within.

Receiving false rewards gives people doubts both in the system and themselves.

Miss Hollywood left Faith Moon still in search of support for her campaign. She failed to find it.

Lilly Lochs was lucky. She was given work probation where she was assigned to help the Biers. During that probation she felt a sense of accomplishment in the tasks she completed. She also met and became friends with the Biers' son.