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Mrs. Shue

Once on a modern time, there was a woman named Mrs. Shue. She had four young children. She did not know what she would do. Her house was like a den. Her husband's pay, on which they could depend, did not cover all that she had to spend. Then one day, like out of the blue, an idea came to Mrs. Shue.

The Shue Day Care Center, over the years, grew to be one of the most successful businesses in all the town. The Shue children, one by one, went from being playmates with the charges who spent their days under the care of Mrs. Shue to themselves being care providers and supervisors of the activities of the kids.

As her children grew, so did the facilities. The Shue Day Care Center evolved into a multi-room complex in a shopping center on the main street in town.

As her children accepted increasing responsibility for the running of the center, Mrs. Shue's attention turned away from providing for her family and, thus, away from the center. With the center doing so well, she saw no further need to be involved with its day-to-day operation.

First one and then another of her children finished high school and went away to college. Of course, with two workers gone from the center, the services suffered. As the services suffered, parents began finding other placements for their children. Then, the third Shue child left for college.

Income from the center went down, expenses for the education of the Shue children increased. Again, Mrs. Shue did not know what to do. Out of frustration, Mrs. Shue sought the advice of Mother Moon. After listening to Mrs. Shue, Faith Moon smiled and said:

As you do know from years ago,

If you want something to occur

The effort must come initially from you.

Remember nothing works unless you do.

Everything works for good when you do.

Before, you worked like a bee

Providing for your hive.

But then you acted like the queen

expecting others to care for you.

Now, you must work again.

But this time, be like the dolphins in the sea

Who are as one with their environment.

Enjoy your work because it is a part of you.

You are a vessel full of care.

If you make gifts of your own energy

You will again find happiness.

Mrs. Shue saw truth in what Mother Moon told her and returned to the daily running of her center. Two of her children became teachers, one a writer of children's books and the youngest developed into a fine actor.