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This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This work contains adult themes and is not intended for children.

Chapter 13 - The Sex Game

To Freddy's surprise and perhaps chagrin, the campaigns for the D. A.'s office were civil. "I thought her role in the divorce would come out. I guess he figured he couldn't gain. Even if it cost her, it would cost him also. It would put the whole affair fresh in everyone's mind. Of course, it's there already; so, he'd be better off to make her a part of it."

Wanda's campaign should have convinced me that the chances for our relationship were nil. Rooster Martin was by her side throughout. A picture of them together appeared daily in our paper and I saw him with her at all the games.

Still, I went to the court house to watch the votes being counted. Then, I went to the Democrat headquarters to hear her victory speech. Rooster was at her side.

Professor Miller was also there and was obviously looking for me. He had no difficulty finding me. In the sea of excitement, I was an island of despair.

"Mr. Hunter, I thought I might find you here. I know it's a few weeks away, but Mrs. Miller and I want to invite you for Thanksgiving dinner if you're going to be in town."

The Millers' home was nothing as I had imagined. He tended to be stilted and formal. The split-level house radiated warmth and informality. The furniture was worn but well-cushioned and coordinated from room to room. On end tables and shelves were keepsakes from around the world. A pastoral here and a floral there highlighted the thought that had gone into the decoration of the home. I felt that the house welcomed me.

Mrs. Miller, wearing an apron over a colorful house dress, escorted me upstairs. Professor Miller, in light-brown tan slacks and dark brown flannel shirt shook my hand.

"Great! Come in and have a brandy. I think we have time before I need to look to the turkey, don't we, My Love?"

The aroma lofting into the room, as well as the brandy, heightened my appetite.

"This is so great!" I said. "Thank you so much for inviting me."

"We are so happy to have you. I've wanted to ask you over for some time; however, it was the women's idea to invite you for today. Enjoy your brandy. I'll go look to the turkey. He's my responsibility"

Soon after the Professor left, Mary came in from the kitchen. "Daddy shouldn't have left you alone. Where are his manners!"

She seemed to have matured since I had met her at the June picnic. Her apron, tied at the waist, bore a gold FSU tomahawk on a garnet background. The colors accented her natural dark features. I was enveloped in watching her as she walked toward me.

"He left me in good stead with this brandy," I managed to say.

"Oh, Daddy and his brandy! He must like you a bit to share his brandy with you."

"I hope so. I like him. It was so good of you to invite me for dinner."
"Shall we eat?" Mrs. Miller asked from the doorway.

I enjoyed the many flavors which were the meal and the wine. I enjoyed listening to the discussion, although I participated less than I normally might have. Mostly, I enjoyed listening to the sound of Mary's voice. Her voice had all the richness of her father's speech but none of it sharpness. Instead, hers reflected the softness of one who had spent her life in the south. Her large brown eyes shined with joy. Usually, when I looked at her she was watching me. She would smile and slightly lower an eye lid in a half wink.

"Let me help clean up," I said. "As an only child, I got lots of practice at that."

"Nonsense!" said Professor Miller. "You come on with me. We'll have another brandy while the women clear the table. I'll clean the meat off the bones when they're ready for that."

After another brandy, Mary came in and said, "How do you like your little sports car?" Her black knit dress had a white snoop neck, tied at the waist and broke just above her knees.

"I really like it. It's sporty yet economical. It's dependable transportation and it's fun to drive. It's all that I ask for in a car. It fits me."

"Does it have much pickup?"

"You'd be surprised how much for a Volkswagen."

"I'd like to see. Can I take a ride in it sometimes?"

"Sure. Would you like to do that now?"


I could feel the effects of the brandy as I walked, but I doubt that it was noticeable to others.

The alcohol may have contributed to my feeling of euphoria as the windshield cut through the air. I looked at Mary. Her smile said that she shared my excitement. Her well tanned-legs were braced against the floorboard emphasizing their lovely shape. As I was distracted, the car momentarily left the pavement.

"You had best keep your eyes on the road," she laughed without adjusting the hem of her dress. "Hey, I know a road right up here where you can let her go; it's deserted. Take a right just past this bridge."

The road was wide, straight, flat, and freshly graded gravel.

"Let's see what she'll do!" Mary put her hand on my shoulder. "Put her on the floor!" I was concerned about the control of the car on the loose gravel, especially with the limited use of my arm, but the road was straight and clear for as far as I could see. The speed was exhilarating. I pushed the accelerator as far as it would go. The four-cylinder engine roared at our back.

The needle went to 70 MPH. The telephone poles flew by. The needle went past 80. The road seemed straight ahead. The needle was bouncing around 90 MPH. Mary leaned toward me to see the speed. I could feel her breast on my shoulder.

"Wow! She really moves!" she shouted. I let up on the pedal. The needle eased back past 70 MPH. Mary leaned back against her door. "I didn't think these things were supposed to go more than 80. That was stimulating."

The car slowed to 50 MPH, which on the gravel was still fast. The road curved to the left and I had some difficulty negotiating the curve. I accelerated into the bend and was glad that I had slowed so as to have the extra power.

"Take a right up here," Mary screamed. Her voice was so commanding that I responded to it, but I couldn't turn that quickly.

I slammed on my brakes and turned sharply to the right. The back wheels skidded to the left. I turned the steering wheel into the skid. The car righted, but Mary had been thrown across the seat. She had her arms tightly around my shoulders. Her hair was thrown across my face to where I could barely see.

"Wow! What a ride! I've heard of many ways to get a girl to hug a guy before, but that's a first for me!" She leaned back, but her left arm remained behind my back. "I guess I should have given you more warning. I just wanted to show you this gorgeous lake up here. It's really romantic at sunset, which won't be long from now."

The lake was peaceful, but still it reminded me of Rose Ann Ruth and of the rape case. I asked Mary if she knew M. M. Martin.

"Certainly, Beverly Bennett and I were best friends all through high school."

"Beverly Bennett?"

"You don't know? Bev and Mitch have been a couple for years."

"That didn't prevent him from chasing other women, obviously."

"Well, probably not completely. This is the south, you know; boys will be boys."

We watched as the sun settled into the horizon. The shades of red, orange and yellow spread in arches across the sky. The still water reflected the same colors, bordered by the green of the tall pine. Mary remained sitting on the left edge of her seat. It was a romantic setting equal to the one overlooking Puget Sound. My mind noted other similarities. Mary and Liz Anchor were probably close to the same age. Of course, the age difference no longer mattered; both were probably women now. Certainly, Mary was a lovely woman.

Strangely, while I was thinking of her beauty, she asked, "Don't you find me attractive at all?"

"Yes, very much so! What an unusual question!"

She moved turning her back to her door. "Really! 'An unusual question,' is it? I thought sure you'd call me after the day in the park, I got all dressed up for you today, and still I have to ask you to take me for a ride. I bring you here to see the most romantic sunset, and what do you do? You want to talk about Mitch Martin! 'Most unusual question' indeed!" She sat rigidly against the door with her arms firmly across her chest.

"Well, I have to admit I'm used to more slowly developing relationships. Also, you are a most beautiful woman. It's hard for me to believe that you're interested in me. If you are, perhaps you'll give me another chance. I can come to your house just calling on you, like for a real date."

"'If I am!' 'A real date!' Boy are you full of it!" She paused. "Are you for real?"

I didn't know how to respond to that question; so, I sat and looked at her. "You are a member of the circle, aren't you?"

I could only take that to be a rhetorical question.

After a moment, she continued, "I mean, you guys are known for your hell raising. Sounds like Daddy met you at church." She paused. I had no idea of how to respond. She frowned, "You aren't gay, are you?"

I thought, "What in the world did I do to deserve this. If a fellow didn't jump on a woman when he is given the opportunity, he isn't a man and may well be a homosexual. What can I say now? To answer 'no' to that question might only give it credence. This discussion seems to be going nowhere."

She simply looked at me during this time.

Finally I said, "Perhaps I should just take you home." I reached to restart the engine.

"Wait, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you that. I know enough about you to know better than that. I'm truly sorry."

I turned the key off, and turned to look at her again. She was sitting on the edge of her seat, then, leaning slightly toward me. The apology actually made me mad, or, perhaps I just realized that I was mad. What did she know of me anyway? It was only the second time I had seen her.

She said, as if reading my mind, "Daddy's told me a lot about you. He wanted me to meet you. He likes you a lot. I didn't think much about it until the picnic. I was bored stiff; so, I went to that picnic. I guess I felt that since I knew you so well I could rush it. I haven't turned you off completely, have I?"

"I hardly know you. You are an attractive young woman. You're an exciting young woman from as little as I've seen of you. I like to gamble, but that doesn't make me a hell raiser, for goodness sake!

"I enjoyed the ride. I'm not sure if I ever want to do it again, but I enjoyed it. It was a beautiful sunset. Thank you for bringing me here. I think I'd like to come back here when I get to know you better. This spot ought to be shared by people who are close to each other. I am attracted to you, but I'd like for the attraction to be more than physical."

"Hell, what a start!"

"I like your dad a lot also. I treasure the feeling I got when I walked into your house. It felt like a home. I like your mother. You are radiant, vibrant, intelligent. ... So, no, I guess you haven't turn me off completely. I'll make the offer again. Could we be a little old fashioned? Walk into this thing instead of run?" The last part of my sentence sounded more as a plea than I intended.

She looked at me, and then smiled a brief closed-mouth smile. "You are for real. You are really for real!" She paused, sat back and looked out her window.

She turned her head forward and continued, "Alright, we'll do it your way, if that's what you want. The old fashioned way! Ha! But, I'll tell you this right now, I am not an old fashioned girl. And, this date will have to wait. I have plans for tomorrow and I bet you're busy Saturday. I have to be back for finals on Monday."

"Yes, the playoff game is in Florence, Alabama. I actually will leave tomorrow. I have an offer to ride up with the team."

"Is that why you asked about Mitch? Wanting an inside track on the star?"

"No, it wasn't that." I shifted in my seat turning more toward her. "Did you know that he had been tried for rape?"

"Mitch Martin? Are you sure? When? Obviously, he was found innocent."

"It's been over a year ago now. I was at much of the trial. The verdict was not guilty. He wasn't innocent!"

"I'm not believing this! Again, are you for real? I've known Mitch all my life. He's never had any reason to rape anyone!"

"Did you know Rose Ann Ruth?"

"My god! You think Mitch had something to do with her death! Well, do you?"

"I don't know."

"It's clear that you do! Perhaps you should take me home."

On the bus the next day, M. M. Martin took the seat next to me. "You've been writing some good stuff about me. I appreciate it. You interviewed the pro scouts, but you've never asked me for an interview. Now's your opportunity! I can tell you whatever you want to know about me and perhaps you can give me some insights into what the scouts think."

There next to me, I felt the power of his charm. I could understand why Mary would think he wouldn't have reason to rape anyone. He wanted information from me and, had I any insights into what the scouts thought, I would have shared it. I didn't inquire into the rape. I did ask about Beverly Bennett.

"So, you know something of my personal life?"

"I know Mary Miller."

"You do? Perhaps the four of us could get together sometimes."

"But you're not exclusive with Beverly?"

"Off the record? I have all the women I want; but it may be that I'll end up married to Bev. Wouldn't be a bad life, I guess, but I'd really like a crack at the pros. What you think of my chances there?"

His play in the game that day didn't help his case for the pros. The Alabama school won convincingly. Mostly their offense avoided Martin, but had some success passing the ball to receivers in his zone. The bus ride home was quiet.

On Monday, I asked the Professor when Mary would return.

"What did you say to her? She wasn't happy when she came back from your little ride and she told her mother not to mention your name."

"I told her what I thought of her friend M. M. Martin."

"And what about that was so upsetting?"

"Well, okay. For one thing, I know that he's a rapist."

"And for another thing?"

"Do you know him? Do you know anything about him?"

"His middle name is Miller. His mother was a Miller, a second cousin of mine. So, yes, I know something about him."

"Well, perhaps I should quit while I'm ahead."

"No, you shouldn't. I know that Mitch has a wild side. I know that he runs a number on Beverly and, in turn on Mary. It's all a game to him."

"Do you know if he's been friends with the Dalton boys?"

"O, yes, I'm sure he was. The Dalton place has been a party center since they were all in high school. It wasn't the type of place that he would have taken Beverly; but, I can't say for sure that Mary never went."

"That was during the time that Rose Ann Ruth was killed?"

Miller looked at me, frowned and said, "So, that's the second thing. You told Mary that you think Mitch was involved in Rose Ann's death. Do you think that Rooster's involvement with Wanda has affected your judgment?"

"No. No, I don't."

"Well, you should call Mary. She's probably put it all into perspective by now. Not to be a matchmaker, but she is attracted to you. And, you know, if you're right about Mitch, she's probably the best person to help you in your investigations. She'll be home next Monday evening; I'm hoping before too late."

So, I called Monday evening and Mary was there. "How delightful of you to call," she said.

I asked if she wanted to see a movie.

"China Town is just now making it here. I've heard that it's good."

Mary met me at the door. She wore black pants with a black v-neck over a white blouse. I told her that she was beautiful and took her hand for the walk to the car. She squeezed my hand and smiled as she leaned into my arm. I opened her door and she said, "How nice." On the way to the theatre, she told me that her mother had invited me to dinner the next night.

The movie was dark in contrast to Camelot. Perhaps Mary was dark compared with Judy Bernard. Clearly, my spirits weren't as high. I thought that might be a good thing.

I opened the car door for Mary. We discussed the acting on the brief ride to her home. She let herself out as soon as we stopped, but waited for me to come around the car. She said, "I completely enjoyed this evening. You were a perfect gentleman." We both laughed. She put her arm around my waist as we walked to the door. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "See you tomorrow night?"

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it. What time is dinner?"

"We probably won't eat until late, but I'd love to see you as early as you can get here. When can you come?"

"I'll be here at, say, 6:00." I kissed her. It was a sweet kiss. She parted her lips only slightly. My lips lingered.

Finally, she leaned away. "There is a tiger in that tank somewhere! But, for now, I need my beauty sleep. Those finals sapped my energies."

I got to the Miller's house before 6:00. Mary greeted me at the door. Her parents were in the kitchen. Mary told them, "You two should be able to handle supper, now. Russ and I are going to the basement to watch TV."

She wore a long-sleeve T-shirt over sweat pants. The outfit was white except for two doves, one over each breast. Printed below the doves was, "sweet little things." The outline of her bra was visible under her shirt, and the bra was evidently light-weight nylon. The large circles of her nipples were prominent in the heads of the doves.

As we walked down the steps, I commented, "The writing on that shirt is not correct."

She laughed a wonderfully wicked laugh. "Thanks for noticing." She took several dance steps as she move toward the TV set. I understand you like to dance. We could dance if you like. She stopped and did a little shimmy. "Or we could just pick up where we left off last night."

"We really shouldn't."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Well, have you read any good books lately?" I was in the process of shaking my head no when she added, "Besides gambling books? I know you've read all about blackjack and craps."

"Don't you even want to get along?" Shaking my head, I dropped to the couch.

She snickered, "No, a pun on that would be too easy. It's just that I know that we are compatible in every way except sexually. Don't you see that sex is the most important aspect? You want it to be the manifestation of an established love. Fine. It may happen that way sometimes. But, closeness comes through having fun together, not from intellectual or ideological mutuality. Indeed, cognitive compatibility is stifling and negative."

I was receiving a lecture on how to build meaningful relationship. I listened well despite her bouncing as she talked. She began moving slowly toward me and to roll the end of her shirt. Soon it was above the belt line.

She spoke as she moved. "Why do you feel close to my dad? You've had lots of fun with him. I mean, I could roll dice with you, but I prefer to roll something else. Shake, roll......tumble. I know that we could have something great ......only if we can enjoy each other's body.

"You want someone that you can talk with. I can talk about anything. I want someone I can have a good time with, a completely satisfying good time"

By now she was standing above me and I was looking at the smoothness of her stomach inches from my face. She turned to the side and the doves bounced above my head. She sat down on the edge of cushion next to me and swung her legs over mine.

As she leaned across my body, she continued, "What are you afraid of? If this doesn't work, I won't force you to marry me." She smiled just before she kissed me.

Her tongue immediately entered my mouth. Her hands pulled my head closer to her. My hands found the warmth of her skin at the midriff. I moved them to the globes of her breast. Her bra gave no resistance, but she reached down and opened the single snap at its front. Her breasts filled my hands. It was a delicious experience. My mouth was in hers; then hers was in mine. I massaged her breasts completely, but I gave special attention to her rosebuds. They swelled even larger under my touch.

She broke the kiss to kiss my nose and forehead. She urged, "Kiss my breasts please."

It was the right thing to do. As my head passed her mouth, she kissed it. Her hand went to my lap.

"Oh, my yes!" Her breaths were short. "Suck them too. God, you are hard." She sighed as I enveloped her breast with my mouth. "I am so hot for you, I'm going to come just with you sucking my tits." Her breathing was so hard that she could barely speak. I don't think I was breathing at all. It was such a sensationally delicious experience. She had managed to remove my penis from my pants.

"We'll have to take care of you later, My Fine Young Friend. I am going to come, and come, and come. My God, am I ever going to come!" I felt her upper body move away from me as she moaned, "Yes, yes, yes. It's so wonderful!" She lifted my face and fell into me. "It was even better than I thought it would be." She lay there for several minutes; all the while she had My Fine Young Friend in her hand. He was throbbing against his tightly drawn skin.

She raised and looked at him. "Now it is your turn. We'll have to save my gift for you for another time. We are in a little hurry tonight, and this shouldn't take long."

Before I was sure what was happening, she had him in her mouth. Her black hair was bobbing. Occasionally when she was at his head, she would look up at me and smile. Every sense in my body was tingling. I ran my hands through her hair.

She was correct. It didn't take long. I wished that it could have lasted forever, but the explosion was earth shattering.

I had always heard that people sleep after climax. I didn't want to sleep. All my body was aroused. I wanted to do it again. I started kissing her body. Now, she was the one saying "no."

"Mother will call us to supper soon. You'll need to ask me out for tomorrow. That's Daddy's meeting night and Mom's bridge night. Neither one of them come home until after eleven on Thursdays." She went to the adjacent bathroom to freshen herself. While she was there her mother called down to tell us the food was ready.

Upstairs, neither parent seemed to detect anything different about our appearance. How anyone could miss the difference in me, I could not understand. Mary was correct. I felt close to her and couldn't stand her being so far from me. I wanted to touch her, to hold her, to show her my love.

I was interested in what the professor was saying. I even commented on it from time to time, but my senses remained tuned to Mary. Toward the end of the meal, I asked her, "Do you want to see another movie tomorrow?"

Professor Miller said, "Meeting night." His voice had a note of disappointment.

"I'm not sure there's another movie in town, but we can find something. Perhaps you could take me to dinner."

We kissed passionately on her porch for several minutes. "Hold that tiger until Thursday," she whispered and she went back inside.

The next evening, Mary was dressed in a plaid wraparound and a white blouse. Her bust was fuller than usual, and a hint of cleavage showed above the top bottom. I thought, "I probably should tell her that she doesn't need a pushup bra, but then again it does add variety."

I opened her door, but instead of entering, she looked at me and said, "I hope you know that I am not like ..., I haven't been, well, wanton with any other man. It's just that I wanted to see that we are right for each other, and I wanted you to see also."

"I do. I wanted to say that you were right. I don't know how I could feel closer to you."

Her eyes watered but she gave a little laugh, "Here I'm wanting you to respect me in the morning. I've never felt the need for that before. But, I...."

By then I was hugging her and I kissed her. "I love you so."

"I love you too."

"Your dad, and mother too I bet, are going to want to know my intensions."

"Yes. You can forget what I said the other night. If you love me, I am not going to let you get away. You are going to have to marry me."

She laughed again, "I already have June 26, 1976, marked on my calendar. I will be through college long enough for us to make all the arrangements and save some money." She stepped away from me.

"Now, let's have a quick dinner. There's a whopper place on the highway were we can dress our own burgers."

"Yeah, I know the place well."

When we got back to her house, Mary waited for me to open her door. She slipped her skirt up her legs as she swung them out of the car. As she stood up, I saw that she had unbuttoned her blouse to the swells of her breasts. "If you love me, all of this is yours."

I looked down at Mary, the amazingly complex young woman, and I loved everything I saw. The love stimulated my every sense and enhanced my perception. The person I saw was most desirable in every regard. She was the spirit of adventure, the thrill of the moment, yet the expectation of all my tomorrows. I savored the totality and enjoyed the particulars for several seconds. Her legs were well toned, shaped and tanned. Her breasts were the flower of womankind. Her face was attractive, and everything about her was expressive. I wanted her body, soul, and mind. I wanted her as I had dreamed that I should want a woman. I wanted her for all times. I wanted her then, and I wanted her physically. My desire sounded in my voice, "I want it! I want you!"

"Well, let's go into the house, Tiger"

Inside, she took me to her bedroom. I was somewhat apprehensive, but she assured me there would be no problem.

"Mother may think something when I wash my own sheets, but I'll explain that I am becoming more responsible." She was then standing, wearing only bra and panties, unbuttoning my shirt. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She continued to unsnap my pants

"Hurry up!" she urged, "let's get in bed."

Except, by the time I was undressed to my shorts, she was gone; so, I slid between her sheets, and waited. Soon, she entered from the hall. She was wearing a white, floor-length negligee. She moved to the bed and reclined next to me. Our kisses were tender. First, I explored her body through the nylon. Then, I parted the material to discover the wonderment of her body against my hands and against my torso.

I loved the feel of her body. I loved the knowledge that she was so close to me physically and affectionately. I loved the secure feeling that my long search had ended.

I kissed her neck and her breasts. She wanted me to continue down her body. Her smell was stimulating and her juices delicious. She encouraged and instructed me until she came, and then she laughed with delight, "I am the luckiest woman alive. Come and discover the essence of what love is about."

I felt that I was the luckiest man alive. She guided my penis. It entered smoothly the warmth of her inner flesh. Her muscles contracted and relaxed massaging my manliness as it rode in and out of her. Passion consumed me. I felt our two bodies unite our two souls.

When it was over, I slept. Mary awoke me saying it was past 10:00 and her mother would be returning home soon. Our good-night kisses again filled me with passion, but the sense of security remained. I asked, "Can we go to my apartment tomorrow night?"

"Yes! By all means, yes. You best take me to dinner first."

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